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ABOUT pure mix nutrition

Our Story

Pure Mix was created by Owner  and Certified Strength and Conditioning coach Jason Oswald. With over a decade of experience, he has worked with thousands of athletes from youth to professional sports. 


Being a former collegiate athlete with a degree in Health and Exercise Science and Nutrition, Jason understands the commitment it takes to take your game to the highest level. Just like any athlete, he was using numerous sports supplements to help maximize his hard work in the gym. He began experiencing many different effects in his body that were not what he expected. Instead of the supplements increasing his  performance, they adversely hindered it leaving him sluggish, bloated, and often sick.


After doing research for a sports nutrition class, he realized most of the ingredients in the products were actually harmful. He sought out alternative options of supplementation using a more holistic approach when he realized there were minimal options on the market. His passion for working with athletes led him to create a product he knew would help his athletes get better results, eliminating the risk of using products that included fillers and other harmful ingredients.


Pure Mix is an all-natural sports supplement  that only uses ingredients scientifically proven to help increase performance for athletes, and is safe for any  level of athlete who wants performance increases, without the risk of harmful or banned substances. 

Why Pure Mix?

.Pure Mix only uses the most natural ingredients found all over the world. Our commitment to providing non artificial, non GMO sourced ingredients makes Pure Mix one of the cleanest sports supplement companies on the market.

All of our formulations are backed by certified sports nutritionists and sports training experts, insuring Pure Mix only provides the finest ingredients allowing athletes to train harder and recover quicker. All of Pure Mix products are tested by the Banned Substance Control group to insure our products contain only whats on our label.


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